Children learn best with structured lessons (individual and group) that build skills and confidence gradually. All lessons are carried out by our experienced, qualified instructors who have a natural empathy with children and our ponies are also carefully selected and extensively trained.

An introductory session is the perfect first introduction to riding with a skills assessment & chance to find a suitable pony for your child. Book one/enquire now.

The school holidays are packed full of activity days and riding camps for children in addition to their usual lessons. View the childrens’ events calendar.

The Pony Club is a fantastic way for non pony-owning children to immerse in training, awards, competitions, rallies, quizzes & fun social times together. Most of the children here are members and our quiz team were crowned National Champions in 2013!  Find out more.

What’s new? Natural Horsemanship sessions for children with leading instructor Rio Barrett.

About our lessons

Children can ride with us from 4 years old and we provide gentle one-to-one Lead Rein Hacks for very small children. Each child has their own instructor responsible for their continued progress and enjoyment.  Great partnerships and camaraderie flourish between both their instructors and fellow riders, so much so that the majority end up being part of Lavant House Stables for years.

We see horsemanship skills advance faster than can normally be expected – often even against children with their own ponies.

Parents can be confident that the environment at Lavant House Stables is designed to maximise the safety of young people riding with us.

Aside from being tremendous fun, riding helps children develop social skills, builds responsibility in young people and promotes fitness and emotional well-being. We have seen many hundreds of children grow up with us and our horses and ponies – it’s something all our team enjoy. See our price list here.