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Riding School/For Sale/For Loan
(Sale or loan is to remain on site and to known clients only)

Height: 16.2 hh
YOB:       2004
Gender: Gelding
Colour:   Bay
Breed: Irish
Owner: LHS
Price: £4,750 (to remain at Lavant House Stables)

This horse is a brilliant hunter with the kindest nature. Bally has hunted for 4 seasons and been XC schooling several times with numerous members of staff. A forward going and thinking horse who is reliable and safe.

Bally was recommended to us and has proven to be the unusual combination of being both safe and sensible enough for a first-time owner/or beginner rider, whilst also having enough about him for the more skilled rider to enjoy. 

Handsome with quality and substance, Bally has three correct and active paces suitable to be successful in pure dressage, yet also jumps anything and everything, and has proven himself to also be an able and bold hunter who becomes better and better at this job every time he goes out. 

Not least is his lovely sensitive nature which results in him being a pleasure to handle and ride100% sound, hack-out, jump all types of fences, load, clip, handle, etc.   A very easy, unusual horse who can carry a beginner rider of any weight calmly and safely yet also give highly experienced riders a thrill when he is asked to provide more.  These photos do not begin to do him justice!

Bally Cross Country Schooling 2011


Riding School/For Sale/For Loan
(Only for loan if to remain at Lavant House Stables)

Height:         15.1 hh
YOB:              2008
Gender:        Gelding
Colour:         Black
Breed:           Irish
Owner:          Lavant House Stables
Price:             TBA

Banjo is a useful type in that he has quality with substance and is a great size – a size that is always difficult to find because horses are rarely bred to be around 15 hands.  A sensible, workmanlike fellow, he has done quite a lot of hunting, hunter trialled and competed in show jumping competitions.  He is good to hack, box, shoe, clip, etc. and has been guaranteed bomb proof by his previous owner – another rarity in itself!

Sale would be considered off site but preference is for Banjo to remain on site and this would be reflected in the price of sale.




Status: Riding School/For Sale/For Loan
(Loan is to remain on site and is to known clients only)

Height: 16 hh
YOB: 2000
Gender: Gelding
Colour: Chestnut (with flaxen mane and tail)
Breed: Warmblood x Welsh Section D
Owner: LHS
Price: £2,950 ono


This smart, well-moving and well-trained gelding joined us from a respected colleague of ours, Alec Miles, having also been recommended to us by Robert Pickles FBHS.

By the renowned local stallion Ludo and with the official name of “Shake That Booty” he is pretty enough adorn a chocolate box but also delivers the goods, having been trained to Medium level in dressage and successfully competed up to and including BE Novice level in his earlier years.


Riding School/For Sale

Height:         16.2 hh
YOB:              2010
Gender:        Gelding
Colour:         Grey
Breed:           Registered Irish Draught
Owner:          LHS
Price:             TBA

Classic example of a really good quality Irish Draught horse, lovely to look at with bone and substance and really fills the eye!  Good paces and jump, hunted early 2014 and competed in some show jumping competitions; Churchill is a bold, onward going horse with brakes.  Good to box, clip, shoe and hack.  Certainly an exciting prospect for any body.


DSC02276 988 2 131



For Sale/Riding School

Height:         15 hh
YOB:              2010
Gender:        Gelding
Colour:         Grey
Breed:           Registered Connemara
Owner:          Lavant House Stables
Price:             TBA

Top quality, well bred Connemara pony who certainly catches the eye.  Balanced, quality paces, terrific jump (jumped 1.40m loose!), has already hunter trialled and competed in show jumping classes.  Good to hack, box, clip and shoe.  Someone is going to have a lot of fun with this small horse who has a very bright future.


43 DSC02220 DSC02266


Status: For Sale/Riding School/For Loan

Height: 17.1 hh
DOB: 2010
Gender: Gelding
Colour: Dark Grey
Breed: Spanish X Irish Draught
Owners: LHS

16.3 hh homebred 4 year old dark grey gelding out of pure bred Spanish mare and the Irish Draught stallion Milligan, Euro combines the best of both breeds, having activity, forward paces and trainability of the Spanish against the stockiness, robustness and phlegmatic nature of the Irish Draught.
Born a grown-up, Euro is one of those horses who is almost impossible to ignore, being a super stamp of horse with three good paces, great conformation and a willing temperament, who is now backed, produced and ready to go off and do any discipline. With the added advantage of being safe, sensible and up to weight, he will also be able to carry most riders.
Working well on flat and over small fences, he is good to handle and hacks alone or in company.
£4,500 ono

euro eurp2



Status:  Riding School/For Sale/For Loan
(Loan is to remain on site and is to known clients only)

Height:  15.2 hh
YOB: 2001
Gender: Gelding
Colour: Tri-Coloured (dark brown, black and white)
Breed: Irish Middleweight
Owner: LHS
Price: £4,250 (to remain at Lavant House Stables)

The wonderful Fraser has progressed many riders since during the years he has been with us.  Skilled on the flat and over fences, he is fundamentally a sensitive horse which has proven a huge hit for most that have had the pleasure of riding him. 

Fraser has also been out and seen much of life, such as competing in all three disciplines, cross-country schooling, hunting and sponsored rides.  His owner of many years, Helena has learnt much with this lovely horse and it is only due to her being off to Uni that this special boy finds himself on the market – ideally to remain at Lavant House Stables, but this is not essential.  The most important thing is to find a suitable new owner who can provide an excellent home to this very special horse.

Good to box, clip, shoe, catch, handle, etc. fully vacinated, sound and fit, Fraser is suitable as a first or second horse to a caring home.

Fraser going for it cross county .....


Fraser & Helena at Horse Show 2011Fraser competing Pony Club








Fraser competing Pony Club

Mr Darcy

Riding School/For Sale

Height:        15 hh
YOB:              2008
Gender:        Gelding
Colour:         Grey
Breed:           Connemara
Owner:          LHS
Price:             TBA

Mr Darcy is a lovely looking small horse who came to us from a known and trusted Irish source, a horse producer who knows the type of horses we like!

He has a lovely, balanced way of going, oozes quality and presence but is also a sensible and straightforward horse to ride.  He has competed in show jumping classes, been cross-country schooling and is a pleasure to hack, so is what we would call in horsey terms a super “all-rounder”!


231 988 DSC02297


Status: Riding School/ For Sale/For Loan

Height: 16.1hh
YOB: 2009
Gender: Gelding
Colour: Black
Breed: Irish
Owner: LHS
Sale Price: £4,500 ono

This is possibly one of the most handsome horses you will ever meet, it is very unusual to find black horses these days. He has a lovely temperament and will do anything to please, Maddy and Amelia are working on him at the moment and they look like they have hearts in their eyes. He is incredibly quick to learn and will no doubt be a huge hit in the riding school when he is ready! Trim



Riding School/For Sale/For Loan
(For sale or loan only if to remain at Lavant House Stables)

Height:        14.2 hh
YOB:             2002
Gender:       Gelding
Colour:        Piebald
Breed:          Irish
Owner:         Lavant House Stables
Price:            TBA

Merlin came to us from a riding school and a Riding for Disabled centre which he also helped out with.  A sweet, nicely marked piebald, he has taught many children to ride, attended plenty of pony camps and only became available as his riding school went out of business.  Good to clip, box, catch, shoe, he is an ideal first pony for either child or small adult.

Within a short space of time Merlin (formerly known as Bob in Ireland for our Irish friends who are following his progress) has become an invaluable addition to our riding school and is extremely popular with child and adult rider alike.  A rare gem indeed and certainly guaranteed of a comfy home for life!




Status: Riding School/For Sale

Height: 13.2 hh
YOB: 1994
Gender: Gelding
Colour: Grey (White)
Breed: Irish Pony
Owner: LHS
Half-Sharer:  Millie Simpson
Price: £1,250 (To remain at Lavant House Stables)

Polo is the perfect second pony – he does everything well and confidently and certainly suits the child who prefers a more forward going pony – although he would never dream of taking off with his rider.  Good in all respects, Polo has done a lot of off site Pony Club activities as well as had success in show jumping and hunter trials.  He has so far been the perfect second pony for three successive owners who have all gone on to more advanced horses thanks to the confidence and skills this pony has provided them with.


Status: Riding School

For Sale/For Loan

Height: 12 hh
YOB: 1999
Gender: Gelding
Colour: Grey
Breed: Welsh Section B Type
Owner: LHS

Squeak is an ideal first pony and has proven these credentials by successfully introducing several young owners over the years into the skills of horse-ownership.  A pretty pony, he arrived with our other stars Eddie and Ozzie, and has participated in many Pony Club activities both on and off the lead rein.  Children can handle him very easily and being a bit of a character further endears him to his child riders!


Status: Riding School/For Sale

Height: 12.2hh
YOB: 2000
Gender: Mare
Colour: Bay
Breed: Irish Pony
Price: £2,500
What a wonderful mare! We’re sure Tinkabell will soon be a favourite in our riding school thanks to her incredibly comfortable canter and kind nature. She has also racked up 95 SJI points and used to compete in the Pony Club games. She also loves hunting and cross country – she really can do it all!
Now up for sale as we have too many ponies in her particular category in the riding school so someone is going to strike lucky with getting this pony – the only reason she is on the market is it is much more complex for us to keep mares than geldings, so grab a great first pony.

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