For sale


Riding School/For Sale/For Loan
(Only for loan if to remain at Lavant House Stables)

Height:         15.1 hh
YOB:              2008
Gender:        Gelding
Colour:         Black
Breed:           Irish
Owner:          Lavant House Stables
Price:            TBC

Banjo is a useful type in that he has quality with substance and is a great size – a size that is always difficult to find because horses are rarely bred to be around 15 hands.  A sensible, workmanlike fellow, he has done quite a lot of hunting, hunter trialled and competed in show jumping competitions.  He is good to hack, box, shoe, clip, etc. and has been guaranteed bomb proof by his previous owner – another rarity in itself!

Wow what a hit Banjo has been, a very popular horse with a lovely sweet nature and willingness to please. He’s taken part in several activities, from Pony Owning Days to the BHS Stage 1 Adult course, show jumping grid lessons with Amelia and cross country schooling with Maddy.

Sale would be considered off site but preference is for Banjo to remain on site and this would be reflected in the price of sale.




Status: For Sale

Height: 16.3 hh
YOB: 2010
Gender: Gelding
Colour: tri coloured
Breed: Irish sports horse
Price: £1,500 no offers
Borris is a handsome well bred Irish Sports Horse. He was bred by a family in Ireland who have since backed and hunted him. He is a big young horse with lovely lop ears and a sweet nature, he is still a baby so we’re taking it slow.
Borris is a sensitive sole who loves hacking, has 3 very good paces so enjoys knuckling down to improve his dressage. He is balanced and light in his paces, naturally does medium/extended trot, he is well up to weight, beautifully marked, and lives on fresh air!
Please email Gemma: if you are interested in Mr Borris
Borris right side lavant house stables



Riding School/For Sale/For Loan
(Loan is to remain on site and to known clients only)

Height: 15.2hh
YOB:       2010
Gender: Gelding
Colour:   Skewbald
Breed: Irish Cob
Owner: LHS
Price: £5,500
Champ caught our eye earlier this year on a trip to Ireland, he was standing proud but quiet so of course we rushed over and asked to try him. Amelia rode him for 2 minutes then quickly hopped off  because there were lots of other people watching that were interested in him, when she got off she said to Lucy “this horse is just like Roo, I don’t care how how expensive he is but we’ve got to have him!”.
Thankfully Amelia was right and Champ is a real gem, he has just started in private lessons and higher group levels & everyone that has ridden him has fallen in love. He is forward going, safe and comfortable, horses like him are priceless!



For Sale/For Loan
(A two week on site loan applies only with view to purchase)

Height:         15.3 hh
YOB:              2010
Gender:        Gelding
Colour:         Skewbald
Breed:           Irish
Price:             £4,950

Stunning, well built coloured Irish horse searching for perfect home.

Grassroots Eventing potential for next season, moves brilliantly so could do pure dressage if required. 15.3hh, 5 years old, lives out, snaffle mouth at all times.

Dublin has been xcountry, show jumps, schools well and has hunted- he is also a bold hack.

Dublin is looking for someone who likes their horses forward and sensitive but not sharp or silly, someone who ideally wants to hunt and go eventing – or someone that is just happy jumping at home and prefers to go out to dressage parties!

He is a wonderful horse with a brilliant workman like attitude, as well as being easy to keep.

He is shod in front, and currently lives out all year round in a herd and is snaffle mouthed in all ways.

Good for the farrier, load, catch etc.

For any more information, please do call or email.


more photos coming soon

more photos coming soon




For Sale/For Loan
(An on site two week loan applies only with view to purchase)

Height:        15.2 hh
YOB:            2009
Gender:       Gelding
Colour:         Bay
Breed:          Irish X
Owner:        Lavant House Stables
Price:           POA

Joey is an outstanding horse of presence and beauty, having both quality and substance.  He has three paces good enough for pure dressage, whilst is also capable over a course of fences and cross country jumps.  Competed in training shows and hunted for one season.  He is also a particularly outstanding hack, being super to ride alone or in company and is quiet in traffic.  Good to box, clip, shoe with no vices, a very affectionate horse who has the temperament and looks to die for – you could say Joey has it all!




Status: For Sale

Picasso is a lovely, well-marked tricolour Irish Sport Horse gelding whose grandsire is the famous Cavalier Jump for Joy. He has excellent conformation, three good paces, and a sweet temperament. A well developed three year old, he is anticipated to make between 16hh and 16.2hh.

Professionally reared, well-handled with all vaccinations up to date, micro chipped, with regular worming and farrier attention. Never been sick or sorry and lives out 24/7 in a compatible herd. Unblemished and won several times in hand as a foal at foot. For sale due to change in breeding programme.

£3,750 ono



Riding School/For Sale/For Loan

Height: 4.2 hh
YOB: 2010
Gender: Gelding
Breed: Registered Connemara
Owner: LHS
Half-sharer: Ellie Shaw
Price: POA

Bueno came to us earlier this year from Ireland where he has been hunting over the winter. He is a flashy pony, with a willingness to please and sensitive attitude. Maddy has cross country & show jumped in in our field and has fallen in love. We wish him and his new loan owner Ellie Shaw the best of luck and I’m sure she will have lots of fun on him!


bueno bueno2


For Sale

Height: 11 hh
YOB: 2008
Gender: Gelding
Colour: Grey
Breed: Irish pony
Owner: LHS

Price: £700

Meet Charlie a very cute, little chocolate box pony who we bought from Ireland a few months ago, he was much smaller than expected but luckily he is fairly stocky and will take most children under 9yo. Charlie likes small children and jumping! He was rather shy but big humans are growing on him and now he loves a cuddle and scratching his friends in the field. He has started in L3 lessons and will be making his way down soon.

Charlie with Anna and her mum Kate on Romeo

Charlie with Anna and her mum Kate on Romeo


Status: Riding School/For Sale or Loan
(For loan only to remain at Lavant House Stables)

Height: 11.2 hh
YOB: 1996
Gender: Gelding
Colour: Bay
Breed: Irish Pony
Price: POA

Dinky looks like the perfect mini version of a quality show hunter but is never going to go any faster than his small jockey would like.  He was a favourite of the proprietor’s daughter when she was younger and attended many off-site Pony Club activities.  Dinky has been with us for years and is very much part of our family.




Riding School/For Sale/For Loan
(For loan only if to remain at Lavant House Stables)

Height:        14.2 hh
YOB:             2002
Gender:       Gelding
Colour:        Piebald
Breed:          Irish
Owner:         Lavant House Stables
Price:            TBA

Merlin came to us from a riding school and a Riding for Disabled centre which he also helped out with.  A sweet, nicely marked piebald, he has taught many children to ride, attended plenty of pony camps and only became available as his riding school went out of business.  Good to clip, box, catch, shoe, he is an ideal first pony for either child or small adult.

Within a short space of time Merlin (formerly known as Bob in Ireland for our Irish friends who are following his progress) has become an invaluable addition to our riding school and is extremely popular with child and adult rider alike.  A rare gem indeed and certainly guaranteed of a comfy home for life!




Riding School/For Sale/For Loan
(An on site two week loan applies only with view to purchase)

Height:        14.2 hh
YOB:           2008
Gender:      Gelding
Colour:        Piebald
Breed:         Irish Cob
Owner:       Lavant House Stables
Price:          POA

This well balanced, good moving cob with show jumping talent would suit child or adult.  He has an uphill way of going, is comfortable to ride and gets on and does whatever job is asked of him.  Hunted, cross country and show jumped he has also competed in side saddle showing classes with a 10 year old girl.   Naturally forward, without being speedy or strong, he is lovely to hack and handle with a kind and generous temperament.  This is the type of horse you just cannot go wrong on – he will do whatever you ask of him and will suprise you with his ability.



Status: Riding School/For Sale/For Loan
(For loan only to remain at Lavant House Stables)

Height: 12 hh
YOB: 1999
Gender: Gelding
Colour: Grey
Breed: Welsh Section B Type
Owner: LHS
Price: POA

Squeak is an ideal first pony and has proven these credentials by successfully introducing several young owners over the years into the skills of horse-ownership.  A pretty pony, he arrived with our other stars Eddie and Ozzie, and has participated in many Pony Club activities both on and off the lead rein.  Children can handle him very easily and being a bit of a character further endears him to his child riders!


Riding School/For Sale/For Loan

Height:    13.2 hh
YOB:        2009
Gender:   Gelding
Colour:     Grey (White)
Breed:      Irish Pony (Connemara cross)
Owner:     LHS
Price:        POA

His elderly owner said you would not find a more genuine pony to do anything with and Storm has easily lived up to this description on arriving this side of the Irish Sea.  An attractive and upstanding pony who is forward without being overly speedy, he jumps whatever is put in front of him and is just easy to do everything with in every way.  Having already been out and competed in a bit of Pony Club, training shoes and hunted, he is also fun to hack and is straightforward to handle.  This is the type of child’s pony that are always so difficult to find.


Status: Riding School/For Sale/For Loan
(For loan only to remain at Lavant House Stables)

Height: 12.2hh
YOB: 2000
Gender: Mare
Colour: Bay
Breed: Irish Pony
Price: £1,950 ono
What a wonderful mare! We’re sure Tinkabell will soon be a favourite in our riding school thanks to her incredibly comfortable canter and kind nature. She has also racked up 95 SJI points and used to compete in the Pony Club games. She also loves hunting and cross country – she really can do it all!
Now up for sale as we have too many ponies in her particular category in the riding school so someone is going to strike lucky with getting this pony – the only reason she is on the market is it is much more complex for us to keep mares than geldings, so grab a great first pony.

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