Our Membership scheme offers you a host of benefits and is recommended if you want to ride regularly with us.

–  up to 30% discount on all lessons, activities & fees
–  a more personalised service
–  a guaranteed regular riding slot so you can plan around it confidently
–  guaranteed progress
–  having your own assigned instructor
–  with group membership knowledge that you will be riding with the same people, of similar age and ability, each week
–  with private or semi-private membership having control on lesson content
–  priority bookings on activities, courses, etc
–  structured lesson plans with a goal
– option to join our Pony Pals/Perfect Partners horse loaning arrangement

It’s not compulsory to join but most of our clients have because it’s a great scheme!

Simply pay a one-off joining fee and ongoing monthly subscription by direct debit for your riding slot reserved each week.

Or pay annually and receive a further hefty discount!


Types of membership

There are a range of membership types and fees:-

Reserve a guaranteed one hour riding slot on the same day and time each we
ek with five others of similar age, ability and ambition, together with your own assigned instructor.

Reserve a guaranteed half or three-quarter of an hour riding slot on the same day and time each week with the instructor, session content, and pace of your choosing.  Semi-Private membership is also available for those who specifically wish to ride together.

Identical to Group and Private Membership but ride during school term-time only = a maximum of thirty-nine sessions/year.

For details of the membership scheme, please contact us on 01243 530460 or email: