We’ve spent years listening to what our riders want from a livery service and created our unique packages around them.

Our  ”loan” schemes let you own one of our fantastic ponies or horses, without the up front costs of purchase.

Pony Pals is a fantastic opportunity for children to have a half or full loan (lease-hire) of a pony at Lavant House Stables. It’s a safe, fun and cost-effective way to step into horse ownership, with experts and other pony-mad youngsters on hand so you don’t have to go it alone.

From just £250 a month including daily care, veterinary and farrier expenses, insurance, equipment etc.

Perfect Partners is a similar horse-loaning scheme for adults which is incredibly popular.

Got your own horse or pony? Our Working and Elite (full) livery services give a little bit more than is offered with traditional livery services elsewhere.

Who is available for loan? Browse our horses and ponies looking for owners here.

Get in touch

If you think that having a pony or horse on loan would suit you, or would like to bring your horse to livery at Lavant House Stables, please do get in touch.

We can introduce you to many current liveries that are delighted with their choice.

“By taking care of your horse for you, Lavant House Stables provides you with more life and more time.”